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Hikes for you

Adventure Awaits


1-4 hour hikes

$15-50 per person

Are you new to the woods and want to see what it's like to go hiking? Don't feel like you can do it on your own? Don't feel comfortable hiking on your own because you don't have the confidence yet? There are several hikes to fit your needs. From never setting foot on a trail, to have hiked a mile or two and wants more of a challenge. You will learn how to navigate the trails and build confidence while having fun! These hikes take place in Rome, Me.   WE ALSO OFFER SPECIALTY HIKES! Scavenger hunt hikes for kids, and Spiritual hikes.

Hiking and overnight camping.

$250 per person, per night

Are you an avid day hiker and would like to experience your first overnight in the Maine woods? There are a couple of hikes that's offered to fit your abilities. These are more challenging hikes and they take place up in the Carrabassett Valley and Rangeley area.

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